After the first few months, long-term, independent students sometime prefer to live with local families as private boarders rather than homestays students. To keep costs down, they only pay the rent of a fully-furnished room inclusive of power/ water/ internet use and usually take care of all their own meals and transport.

Private board is also a lot easier to set up than flatting as you don’t have to worry about buying your own furniture/appliances and dealing with local service providers of electricity, water, internet, etc.

The NorthTec International Accommodation Coordinator can help you with information on currently available providers, but ultimately you will be responsible for negotiating and making the weekly payments directly to your landlady/lord, or for managing any issues that may arise.


Local homes

Some Indian hosts available

Rent a room from a local landlord/lady for support, English practice, extra security and help with any emergencies.

Some Indian local families/students offer rooms for board.



Amount of actual weekly rent depends on location, home.

Meals normally not provided.


Private or twin share rooms

Fully furnished rooms, facilities shared with host(s).

Share a bedroom with a friend to keep living costs down.


Not included

Keep your living costs down by doing your own cooking.

Sometimes main meals can be provided for extra charge.


Not included

Most private board is within walking distance to campus, town


Some included

$20/month extra sometimes for unlimited WiFi internet.
Sometimes some data is built into weekly board payment



Electricity and water included



No extra charge, boarders are usually to wash their own clothes



Boarders to clean their own room and keep kitchen and bathroom tidy; shared facilities cleaned by landlord/lady


Not permitted

Most homes are non-smoking, some allow outside smoking only



Most homes have one or two dogs or cats
Pets can live inside or outside and are family members



Owner in residence, sections normally fully fenced, locked entry, secure windows, some internal locks


Mature students
over 18 years

Recommended for mature students with good English and some independent living skills, e.g. cooking, budgeting.

To Apply

Accommodation Coordinator

Contact the Accommodation Coordinator for a list of currently available private board, then negotiate own rent.

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Accommodation Coordinator
Accommodation Coordinator

The Accommodation Coordinator can help you with information and advice on the different accommodation options available.

Contact the Accommodation Coordinator