AWHI – An exhibition by emerging artists

1825 November 2021

This event has passed. Please visit our events page to see our upcoming events.

AWHI – An exhibition by emerging artists

Be Kind’- a message of care and unification seen and heard throughout Aotearoa during this epoch we share together. Over the past two years, our government has delivered health directives and statements such as these, whilst in Te Tai Tokerau four emerging artists have been demonstrating the value of kindness - exploring how to cherish others and support important issues through their art practice. AWHI exhibits these deeply felt artworks at NorthTec’s Geoff Wilson Gallery, for one week only from Thursday 18 November - Thursday 25 November 2021.

AWHI - to cherish, to embrace, to surround – actions that are central to the value of kindness and support. In times such as these, we consider what is of utmost importance to us and how we can help. Kahurangi Rihari-Poa’s screen prints and etched glass works talk about the influences that affect our lives, and the effects we have on young Māori. Working with the themes of innovation, elevation, and integrity, Kahurangi aims to provoke a feeling of empowerment within oneself and to create a drive for higher standards. Kahurangi explains “I was brought up with good values, to become a better person, and to awhi others”.

Similarly, Melody Mitt’s paintings and print installation are underpinned by the notion of embracing and supporting others.  Exploring the concept of the sublime, Melody’s expressive paintings are intended to wrap around the audience, to create and hold space for contemplation. Melody reminds us that “when we care for ourselves then we have more to give to others” and that this is particularly important for us now since we live in an age of global disconnection; finding a place of (emotional) authenticity is central to help us feel more connected.

Liam Martyn Astbury’s love and care for animals is driven by research into the domestication of pets- and the important roles they play in our lives. An animation interface and photobook emphasise the bond that exists with the cats in our lives, showing us that the animals that we live with are unique as we are.

Shirah Andrews’ art practice is motivated by her respect for mother nature and her concern for the environment. Shirah’s paintings and photographs are a call to action - to see ourselves as a part of nature, “to make the significant changes necessary to benefit personal and planetary wellness before it is too late”.

The exhibition can be viewed over one week at the Geoff Wilson Gallery at NorthTec from Thursday 18th – Thursday 25th November. Please remember to wear a mask. Gallery opening hours are weekdays 11 am- 5 pm and on Saturday 9 am – 3 pm. The gallery will be closed on Sunday.