On a Personal Level - An exhibition by graduating students

1119 November 2020

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On a Personal Level - An exhibition by graduating students

‘On a Personal Level’ is the final exhibition by NorthTec’s third year students graduating from the Bachelor of Applied Arts.  

The Geoff Wilson Gallery is overflowing with diverse work relentlessly produced by these twelve students through and beyond the trials of lockdown. So please join us to experience and celebrate their mahi.

The exhibiting students for 2020 are Alanah Stigsdottir, Melissa Bickers (Beewitching), Briar Piercy, Chris ‘Boysie’ Boys, Connie T Davis, Jonathan Paul Hemsworth, Amber-Maree Carroll (Lux Lumiere), Paige Siobhan Pollington, Ros May, Tash Tornquist, Tess Wilson and Tracey Willms Deane. Check out the profiles for each of the students on our Instagram @toitepitoarts

Their studio practice for the past three years has ranged from hands-on construction to digital manipulation.  Sculpture, installation, print, projection, book illustration, graphic design, moving image and photography are all represented in this exhibition and the final artworks reflect the student’s skill at working across these mediums in new and exciting ways. 

Each of the exhibitors have spent their final year of study experimenting, researching and making work around topics of their choosing and this individual voice is strong.  If there is a common thread in all the artwork on display it might be a sense of care and concern for our people and our world…on a personal level.
Please join us at our opening celebration on Wednesday 11 November from 4.30-6.30pm.  
The exhibition is open every day for a week (including the weekend) from Thursday 12 November - drop in to view the work and meet the students. 

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