Ō Tātou Moemoeā - What’s Climate Change got to do with us?

20 May 2020

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Webinar Recording


As we’re now working remotely, this session of Ō Tātou Moemoea is an online webinar. 

NorthTec’s Community and Social Services are pleased to announce the commencement of our professional development series.

These interactive workshops are designed for busy professionals who need to keep up to date with new developments and best practice & can be used for your Social Workers Registration board (SWRB) professional development portfolio to maintain your registration.

The series will address SWRB core competencies and code of conduct as well as technical and practice issues. Current research informs the sessions and participants can expect to learn practical skills which will enhance their practice. 



Wednesday, 20 May - What’s Climate Change got to do with us?

Mike Smith

Ko Maungaemiemi te Maunga,
Ko Pupuke te awa, ko Whangaroa te Moana,
Ko Te Huia te Marae, ko Mike Smith ahau

Originally trained as a social worker Mike Smith has had an unconventional and impactful career. Mike has a background in professional Māori community development and over 40 years experience as an activist and advocate for rights guaranteed in Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Now focusing attention to action on Climate Change, Mike is leading strategic pathways for the National Iwi Chairs Forum as the Chairperson of the Climate Change Iwi Leaders Group, Mike champions Māori community leaders taking action on the goals of; working collectively toward solutions to reduce all greenhouse gases, accelerating whānau, hapū and iwi resilience to climate change and building a Māori Climate Network across Aotearoa. As an engagement specialist, Mike has consistently been raising awareness on climate change with many whānau, hapū and iwi for over a decade. He has presented lectures across the globe on climate change and represents iwi and the country at negotiations in the UNFCCC COP process. Mike lead the strategic alliance of iwi and Māori communities working with environmental NGO’s to end offshore fossil fuel expansion in Aotearoa and accelerate the era of sustainable energy. “It is now time to build resilient Māori communities.”


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