Ō Tātou Moemoeā - The Future Workforce

8 April 2020

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Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers

Social Workers Registration Board - The future social work workforce: legislation, registration, and professionalism

As we’re now working remotely, this session of Ō Tātou Moemoea is an online webinar. 

NorthTec’s Community and Social Services are pleased to announce the commencement of our professional development series.

These interactive workshops are designed for busy professionals who need to keep up to date with new developments and best practice & can be used for your Social Workers Registration board (SWRB) professional development portfolio to maintain your registration.

The series will address SWRB core competencies and code of conduct as well as technical and practice issues. Current research informs the sessions and participants can expect to learn practical skills which will enhance their practice. 


FREE to NorthTec fieldwork agency staff, supervisors, BASW students and LAC members

Wednesday, 8 April - The Future Workforce: Legislation, Registration, and the Profession

Sarah Clark

Sarah joined the Social Workers Registration Board as the new Chief Executive in May 2017. She has held a number of roles within the state sector across her career prior to joining the secretariat.

Originally from Christchurch, she began with a Masters in Geography, and a thesis on female offending.  Since that time her career has taken her on a diverse path, from working on the frontline with youth unemployment; to Parliament where she spent a number of years first as a researcher working on social sector portfolios including social development before becoming the Director of the Labour Research Unit for the term of the Helen Clark administration.

Using her knowledge of parliamentary and legislative processes she then moved to an environmental focus working for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment as General Manager.

More recently she was the Director of the Office for Seniors at the Ministry Social Development - a role which allowed her to grow her understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by an ageing population (and the importance of an intergenerational approach) followed by a cross social sector focus at Superu (formerly the Families Commission) as Director of Client Services and Sector Change. Growing the use of evidence, especially within the community and voluntary sector, along with family and whanau wellbeing were particular areas of interest.

The role with SWRB provides an opportunity to bring many of the strands together, with a focus on embedding the new legislation. She believes the Board is well placed to lift awareness of the importance of social workers across the wider social sector, and supporting the professionalism of social workers

Lucy Sandford-Reed

Lucy Sandford-Reed is the Chief Executive of Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers (ANZASW) and has been in the role since 2009.

Lucy has worked in both Government and the NGO Sectors which provides a broad understanding of social work practice issues. Lucy is passionate about the social work profession and sees mandatory registration as reinforcing the mana of the profession and recognising the contribution social workers make in enhancing wellbeing.

Lucy actively led the ANZASW response to the initial version of the Social Workers Registration Bill tabled in Parliament in 2017. Through the Social Work Alliance ANZASW was instrumental in negotiating significant changes to the Bill.

With Competence Assessments no longer being required for social worker registration, ANZASW is focusing on strengthening its role as the professional body for social workers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Lucy provides the social work voice in a number of forums including Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand, the Mental Health Forum and the Social Work Alliance

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Wednesday, March 11 - Dr Paulé​ Rūwhiu PhD "Decolonising social work education"

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Wednesday, May 20 
Featuring: Mike Smith, Climate change Iwi Leaders Group chair.
Topic: What's climate change got to do with it.

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