Marks on Paper – Exhibitions and community art project

26 September26 October 2017

Marks on Paper – Exhibitions and community art project

Marks on Paper – 3 exhibitions and a community art project

Visit the Geoff Wilson Gallery and immerse yourself in drawn imagery.  Our exhibitions feature drawings from our city’s collection, six contemporary artist from around Aotearoa/NZ and a collaboration between two local artists.  Join us and make marks on paper yourself by contributing to our community drawing projects (these will be starting on opening night).

  • DRAW exhibits the work of six well known artists from Aotearoa/NZ who all use drawing as their primary medium - Rowan Gardiner, Penny Howard, Anneke Muijlwijk, James Ormsby, Cathy Tuato’o Ross, & Lorene Taurerewa.

  • Repartee is an exciting new collaborative work by Lisa Clunie and Mike Lyon 

  • Collections is a small exhibition of precious works from the Whangarei Art Museum Collection

  • Taking a Line for a Walk is the first of our community drawing projects by Linda Cook – join her and make your own marks on a massive drawing.

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