The Logo Story

NorthTec Logo baskets of learning

The NorthTec (Tai Tokerau Wānanga) logo tells a story of connections, communities and culture. Throughout its 30 year history, the learning institution has carried the symbol of Ngā Kete e Toru o Te Wānanga (The Three Baskets of Knowledge).

According to Māori legend, Tāne - God of forests and birds- journeyed through the heavens to return to earth with the gift of all knowledge to share with mankind. This journey to higher learning continues today with the students of NorthTec.

The patterns of the logo also represent a traditional Māori weaving pattern known as tāniko, symbolising the unique bicultural population of Tai Tokerau, and the positive impact this has on learning at NorthTec.

Within the ‘circle of learning’, the shapes of the logo reflect the connectivity NorthTec has throughout Northland, with its large number of campuses, learning centres and community programmes permeating Tai Tokerau, and bringing the region together.

This connectivity extends to NorthTec’s growing relationship with many parts of the world as technology supports and enables global connections.

The logo is about communities – the NorthTec community, the Tai Tokerau community and the communities of the world, and NorthTec’s desire to connect these communities together.