Strategic Plan

Ngā Tini Whetū 2021–2023

Ngā Tini Whetū acknowledges the changing state of Te Tai Tokerau as we move towards a future with new technologies, alliances, economies (including iwi/Māori) and levels of achievement. It recognises that we must be equipped to respond to the changes in ways that enable both the rohe and our ākonga to prosper in a changing world.

Our Vision

Ma te ako, ma te mahi, ka hua, ka ora
Through learning and work, our people prosper

Our Mission

Noho tata, haere tawhiti
Stay close, go far

Our Purpose

A future-ready and agile institution that prepares our learners for work to support regional, iwi and industry growth and impact

Our ambition

To shape the delivery of skills, training and qualifications to better match employment opportunities
now and into the future

Ngā Whāinga - Our Goals

What does success look like?

Our ākonga are engaged and participating in key decisions about their futures. We ensure we are eliminating barriers to success with learning approaches customised to their needs.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi
The principle of mahi-tahi: meaningful collaboration, is based on the te Tiriti partnership established between Māori as tangata whenua, and the Crown, in 1840, this lays the foundation for our relationships with iwi, hapū, whānau and Māori collectives and with industry and community decision makers. Their priorities are our priorities.

Mātauranga Māori
The maintenance, advancement and dissemination of Mātauranga Māori informed by te reo me nga tikanga passed down through the generations of iwi me nga hapū of Te Tai Tokerau is an essential enabler of akonga to be successful as Māori and to learn and live by Māori values.

We will build, recruit and retain a committed team to deliver the right skills, training and tech savvy at the right time and in the right space to mobilise ākonga into work.

Ngā poupou rautaki - Our Strategic Priorities

What will we focus on to achieve our goals?

Primary Industries
Through Primary Industry focus we aim to deliver models for the industry that support sustainability, grow new partnerships for learning and keep leaners at the centre of our activities.

Essential Health, Social Services & Housing
Integrating rural health, social services and housing approaches with industry, iwi and investors will drive improved outcomes.

Trades & Technology
Meeting infrastructure and development priorities will require new solutions. We commit and will partner with employers and WBL to train and pathway ākonga into the labour market and their progression through it leveraging the Mana in Mahi and Māori and Pasifika trades Training Schemes.

Māori Development
The Māori economy is still developing, but is progressing faster than other sectors in Te Tai Tokerau where Māori identify they want to make a collective impact.

Ngā Tikanga - Our shared values




Be Brave

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