Student Regulations


The Northland Polytechnic Student Regulations relate to all non-academic matters. 

Breaches of these regulations are dealt with according to the Student Disciplinary Regulations.


Students are required to:

2.1 Comply with any instruction relating to safety given by a member of staff or Safety Manager, or stipulated in Programme Regulations;

2.2 Wear safety glasses, prescribed footwear and/or protective clothing in designated areas or as required by any staff member;

2.3 In the  event  of  fire  or  other  emergency,  proceed  in  accordance  with Northland Polytechnic’s evacuation procedures;

2.4 Provide information to Northland Polytechnic on disabilities and health status that may endanger themselves or other students in a given situation;

2.5 Report to staff accidents or incidents that have or may lead to accidents to themselves or others;

 2.6 Act in a manner that does not jeopardise their safety or the safety of others.

3 MIND-ALTERING SUBSTANCES (e.g. drugs and alcohol)

Students shall not:

3.1 Bring alcohol on to Northland Polytechnic teaching sites or consume alcohol in any teaching area (includes work experience, polytechnic vehicles, field trip or any other part time activity), except as part of supervised learning activities;

3.2 Attend a class, work experience, field trip, or any other Northland Polytechnic activity under the influence of alcohol or any controlled drug;

3.3 Use, or have in their possession or control within any of the Northland Polytechnic teaching sites, or while on work experience or field trips any controlled drug not lawfully prescribed for that person (A controlled drug is any substance so designated and listed in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, together with any amendments and re-enactments).


4.1 Students shall not harass other students or Northland Polytechnic staff at any time while engaged in Polytechnic activity. For the purposes of this section harassment has the meaning given in the policy Anti-Harassment and Bullying (04.014)


Students shall not:

5.1 Behave in any way that compromises the safety of others or interferes with their learning;

5.2 Bring any animal, excluding Guide Dogs, onto any of Northland Polytechnic’s teaching sites without permission from the Facilities Manager;

5.3 Engage in dangerous, reckless, careless or inconsiderate driving in or about Northland Polytechnic teaching sites. Pedestrians have right of way at all times. Drivers of vehicles shall comply with driving and parking directions as given by authorised Northland Polytechnic staff;

5.4 Behave in a disorderly manner or engage in any behaviour that is detrimental to or interferes with others or their property, including the property of Northland Polytechnic;

5.5 Seek or be in possession of information gained by unauthorised entry to the Northland Polytechnic information systems;

5.6 Engage in dishonest practices:

(a) falsify or attempt to falsify any official and/or personal record relating to their attendance and/or performance at Northland Polytechnic or the qualifications/ results issued to them by Northland Polytechnic;

(b) engage in a way that discredits the name and/or integrity of Northland Polytechnic;

(c) falsely represent the records of Northland Polytechnic;

(d) act in a way that constitutes criminal conduct.