Academic Disciplinary Regulations



The Northland Polytechnic Academic Disciplinary Regulations outline the procedures in the event of a student does not comply with the Academic Regulations.

The principles in the Northland Polytechnic Student Disciplinary Regulations will be applied when a complaint under this section of the regulations is received.


2.1 Any complaint that a student has breached the Academic Regulations will be referred in writing to the appropriate Business Director.

2.2 The Business Director shall notify the student of the complaint and investigate the complaint. When the investigation involves a student aged under 18 the student must be asked if they wish their parent(s)/caregivers to be informed and present at any meetings with Northland Polytechnic staff regarding the investigation. The institution shall ensure that adult support is available throughout the process.

2.3 The Business Director may require the student to remedy a breach of the Academic Regulations within a specified time. If the student satisfies the Business Director that they have remedied the breach of the regulations in the specified time, no further action will be taken.

2.4 Where the Business Director is satisfied that a student has breached the regulations, or has failed to remedy a breach within the specified time the Business Director may impose any one or more of these penalties:

a) Decline to grant credit for a course or courses;

b) Cancel a pass that has been credited;

c) Disqualify a student from sitting an assessment for a prescribed time;

d) Exclude a student from a programme;

e) Refer the matter to the Chief Executive for further action.

2.5 The Business Director must report to the Academic Board any action the Business Director has taken as a result of a complaint that a student has breached the Academic Regulations.

2.6 The Chief Executive may use the provisions in the Student Disciplinary Regulations to expel a student for breaching the Academic Regulations when warranted by the seriousness of the breach.


3.1 Students have the right of appeal against decisions on academic matters made by Northland Polytechnic staff, committees or Academic Board.

3.2 The appeals process will be consistent with the policy Student Concerns, Complaints and Academic Appeals (06.001).

3.3 When a student is not satisfied with an Academic Board decision he/she should refer to the Tertiary Ombudsman or preferred external agencies.