Local Advisory Committees

To maintain a consistently high standard of delivery and relevance of our programmes, NorthTec consults with key relevant stakeholders when developing and reviewing our curriculum.

Through consultation we are able to fine-tune our curricula and delivery to ensure that students receive an education that is up-to-date, focussed, and relevant to their chosen field.  In order to achieve this, NorthTec has established Local Advisory Committees (LACs).

The purpose of Local Advisory Committees is to develop and maintain effective relationships between NorthTec and its stakeholders.  These take place in LAC meetings, which are largely strategic in nature.

Local Advisory Committees:

  • Exist for each programme area

  • Normally consist of between 7-15 members* who are invited to join by the Programme Manager

  • Meet at least bi-annually, but sometimes more often*

  • Provide advice and support as well as an open forum for the programme and its stakeholders

  • Advise on new opportunities in education and training

  • Promote NorthTec courses, programmes, and events to stakeholder groups

(*depending on programme area)

In addition to Local Advisory Committees, each programme area has established advisory processes with Industry.  The LACs in some programme areas utilise existing industry or community committees to function as their advisory committee.

If you are an industry representative, or represent a community organisation with relevance to a programme area and wish to be involved, please contact us. View a complete list of NorthTec's programme areas.

Please note invitations are generally only issued once a year if new members are required.