We've Got What You Need

At NorthTec, you'll learn everything you need and nothing you don't. If you're inspired by learning as a team or remotely, staying close to whānau and not travelling far, learning something that can set you up for life in a hands-on practical environment at a low cost - NorthTec's Got What You Need!

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Five reasons NorthTec's got what you need

1. Supportive and social

When you study at NorthTec, you become part of our whānau. You are not just a number. Our tutors are supportive, skilled and experienced, and will give you one-on-one attention.

2. Local

Staying local means less disruption in your life, with an easy commute to our courses. Stay close, go far. By enrolling at NorthTec and staying in Tai Tokerau Northland, you’re able to reduce living costs and you will continue to receive whānau support, while gaining a high quality education.

3. Future-proof

Secure a better future for yourself, your whānau, your community at NorthTec with high quality education.  A recognised qualification can help you future-proof your career and get higher wages. 

4. Low cost

Cost should not be a barrier to your study. NorthTec currently has up to 40 fees-free courses available, low-cost online bite-sized courses and options to earn while you learn. Staying in Tai Tokerau Northland, you are able to reduce living costs (compared with studying at university), receive whānau support, and gain a high quality education.

5. Applied

NorthTec’s learning is based around applied training, which can get you ready for a job here in Tai Tokerau Northland. NorthTec is connected with our local industry and employers, and we make it easier for you to find employment after you graduate. Many of our courses include internships or workplace learning that provide you the skills needed to get work-ready!

  • Dylan Wrathall-Epiha - Automotive

    Dylan Wrathall-Epiha - Automotive

    “Working on rally cars with people from the industry for the International Rally is such a great experience, it is really important for my studies. It will help me with my future career and the potential to gain employment or an apprenticeship after my studies.”

  • Trinity Edwards - Sport and Recreation

    Trinity Edwards - Sport and Recreation

    “It’s so valuable doing work placement while I’m studying because I get that extra experience. So I am able to go out in the community and apply what I am learning, and to be able to meet people while I’m studying. I get that first-hand experience and gain more knowledge myself. I really think it’s going to help me get a job after my studies.”

  • Chris Boys - Digital Arts

    Chris Boys - Digital Arts

    “The best part about having the opportunity to work alongside industry while I study is the connections that I make. Networking is so important in the art industry. NorthTec provides me with the connections that I can go to with queries or collaborations, and who knows when I will use them when I finish my studies!”

  • Talia Enoka - Hospitality

    Talia Enoka - Hospitality

    “For me, it’s important to work in the hospitality industry as part of my studies because it’s that hands-on experience that employers are looking for. I now can say I’ve helped serve and prepare for large-scale events. I think I’ll be fit and ready for a job after this course.”

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