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Glenn Horsford - Automotive Engineering

“I was working on a farm but wasn’t really into it. I like cars and electrical stuff. This course is a mix of both and NorthTec was fairly close to home.”

The best thing about the course for Glenn is the hands-on workshop work. “We learn how to take engines to bits. My friend and I are developing our knowledge and the experienced ones in the course help us. There’s heaps to learn. I didn’t realise how much there is to know, even just about oils and lubricants. We’re also learning about diesel engines, motorbikes, and marine engines.” 

Glenn particularly enjoys listening to what the tutors used to do. “One was in the army and one has worked overseas. I want to get an apprenticeship after the course and then go overseas maybe to Europe to learn about European cars. Not many people want to work on them because they’re harder to work on, but more are coming into New Zealand now. They are ahead of the game because they are fuel efficient and green.”