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In this friendly Far North township is NorthTec’s northernmost campus.

NorthTec's Kaitaia Campus


Expand your horizons at our Kaitaia campus

Kaitaia sits just 20 minutes from each of the spectacular east and west coasts and is the gateway to Cape Reinga.
The NorthTec campus is right in town with easy walking access to shops and banks, plenty of parking, and it is just across the road from the stunning Te Ahu centre. 

Individual ripples

The learning journey of every student here ripples out to create change in the community.

Courses for life

Our courses relate directly to student demand and to local industries like forestry, tourism, and horticulture. They are practical and professional and range from construction to horticulture and business management. It is easy to stair-step your way from entry level to industry level.

Learn by doing

Each course is backed by facilities that provide plenty of hands-on experience. These include a fully tooled carpentry workshop, a computer suite with 24 computers each linked to the main Whangarei campus software, and gardens with plant propagation facilities.
Free WiFi and laptop ports are available for all on-site students, and the student lounge and the administration centre make the learning comfortable and easy.

Visible course results

Professional knowledgeable tutors, who have been in industry themselves for years, are role models of learned skills in action. Results of course content are also visible within the campus environment. Horticulture students propagate and grow plants on site for food and for the campus gardens, and watch for progress on the house being built by the construction students.

We can come to you

Because of the Far North’s geographical spread, Kaitaia NorthTec has satellite venues out in local communities. Ask us about bringing a NorthTec learning environment to where you need it.

Personal student support

Students here are treated like family. The campus is small enough for everyone to be known by name and the Student Advisor takes pride in guiding students through every aspect of their learning journey from finances, to course selection, to personal support.

Tikanga Māori

Maori find it helpful to come into a learning environment that has an understanding of Tikanga Māori and an in-depth knowledge of the local area. There is now a very visible outreach into the community and a strong interface with Ngati Kahu and WINZ.

Up-skill close to home

Part of Kaitaia NorthTec’s appeal is that entry level students get the confidence to learn new skills in a tertiary environment without having to leave home. Often they then go on to higher level courses at other centres.
For others, the Kaitaia campus provides the chance to create a new lifestyle in a friendly small community, to study and up-skill later in life in a supportive environment, or to return home and contribute new skills to the whānau and community.

The following courses are offered in Kaitaia:

Campus Info



Kaitaia Learning Centre,

P O Box 622,

Kaitaia, 0441

New Zealand


(Entrance and parking)

Kaitaia Learning Centre,

Oxford Street 

Kaitaia, 0410


0064 9 408 6117


0064 9 408 6118


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