Orientation 2017

2022 February 2017

Orientation 2017

E nga mana, e nga reo, he karanga tenei, haere mai ki NorthTec ki Te Taitokerau Wānanga, mō te whakatau mō nga tauira, 2017.

NorthTec welcomes you and your whānau to attend Orientation for Semester 1, 2017.

Note: some details are still to be confirmed.

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NorthTec Welcome - Pōwhiri/Whakatau

Each campus begins with a pōwhiri or whakatau and campus tour to welcome you to NorthTec and provide you with the opportunity to meet NorthTec students and staff as you begin your journey with us. During the following week you will have the chance to meet your student advisor and learn about how the student success team can help support your study. 

Campus Address Date Time


16 Memorial Ave

Monday 20 February



Oxford St

Monday 20 February



Nimmo St East

Monday 20 February



135 Hone Heke Rd

Monday 20 February


Raumanga (Whangarei)

Raumanga Valley Road

Monday 20 February

9.00am (Academic Studies, Nursing, Commerce, Toitū Te Reo, Hospitality, Hair and Beauty, Future Trades)
11.00am (Foundation, Arts, Sport and Rec, Conservation and Environment, Applied Sciences, Social Services, Mental Health, Travel and Tourism)

All Whakatau/pōwhiri will be followed by refreshments.

Orientation Welcome Protocol (Tikanga Pōwhiri mō Orientation)

Te Puna o Te Mätauranga Marae operates under the tikanga of Ngäpuhi.

All visitors (manuhiri) to assemble at the entrance to the Marae in the car park. Someone from the home people (tangata whenua) will come out to explain the process for the welcome (pöwhiri). If there is no one available to reply to the speeches in the house (whare) someone will be chosen to speak (whaikorero) on behalf of all visitors (manuhiri).

The welcome call (karanga) will begin when the caller (kaikaranga) gets an indication that the visitors (manuhiri) are ready to proceed. When she can see that women have assembled to the front and men to the rear, will she begin her call (karanga). When responding to the call, move slowly towards the house (whare) this is a solemn process to allow people to gather their thoughts and pay homage to those who have go ne before us. Shoes are removed before entering the whare. No food or drink is to be taken inside the whare. You, the visitors (manuhiri), wi ll follow the caller (kaikaranga) to the back wall of the house (whare), where you will pause to pay respect remembering those ancestors who have gone before us.

Under the guidance of the caller (kaikaranga), everyone is to turn and walk to the taumata (Kaumatua/Elders and officials of NorthTec) seated by the front doorway of the house (Whare), where you shake hands and press noses together (hariru & hongi). It is through this process that the home people and visitors (tangata whenua and manuhiri) become “of one breath”. A handshake (hariru) is acceptable for those who are unable to press noses for cultural, religious or other reasons. When you have completed the hand shake and pressing of noses (hariru & hongi) with the home people (tangata whenua) you will be directed to your seats.

Speeches (Whaikorero) of welcome then take place. Päeke, that is, the speakers of the home people (tangata whenua), will begin the speeches (mihimihi) and then the visitors (manuhiri) will respond. Upon completion of the visitors’ (manuhiri) responses, the home peopl e (tangata whenua) will then complete the process and outline next steps in the powhiri process. Each whaikorero is concluded with a song (waiata).

The formal welcome is completed when the visitors (manuhiri) and home people (tangata whenua) partake of food and drink in the dining room, Te Puna o Te Ora.

Seating for Orientation Pöwhiri

The visitors are seated on the right hand side of the marae whilst the staff and existing students are seated on the left. Once the visitors’ side of the house becomes full, students will then be directed to the verandah area outside the marae. Speakers will be set up so that everyone can hear the proceedings.

Kupu Hou – Glossary of Terms

Te Puna o Te Mätauranga Marae - The NorthTec meeting house
Tikanga - protocols
Ngäpuhi - large tribe of Northland
Manuhiri - visitors (in this case new staff and students)
Ope - group
Tangata whenua - home people (in this case staff and current students)
Pöwhiri - ceremonial welcome
Karanga - call of welcome
Kaikaranga - female caller
Whare Hui - meeting house
Hariru - to shake hands
Hongi - pressing of noses
Päeke - Ngäpuhi protocol for speaking rights
Whaikorero - welcoming speeches
Waiata - songs of support
Te Puna o Te Ora (Whare Kai) - dining room adjacent to the Meeting House

For further information about Orientation please contact the Student Success Team
Call 0800 808 856; Email: studentsuccess@northtec.ac.nz.

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