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Artwork by: Jeff Thomson, Beth Hill, Leanne Jackson, Piet Nieuwland, Andy Kingston, Sean Gray, Trish Clarke, Hamish Oakley Browne and four inmates from the Northland Correctional Facility.

This is an exciting, collaborative exhibition between three diverse groups of artists. Each artist has worked using different limited conditions either imposed by their work or their life. There are four artists from the Northland Correctional Facility, four students ex-students or staff from NorthTec, and four professional working artists. This group includes Jeff Thomson, Piet Nieuwland, Beth Hill and Leanne Jackson. They have been teamed in a game of ‘art-tag’ for which each participant has created an artwork, this work has been passed on to the next artist in their team and so on. 

The participants are from a broad range of specialities.

There are many examples of interesting, challenging and creative projects and art interventions in the criminal justice system, evidence shows that these are associated with reductions in re-offending and raising awareness of the criminal justice system, reducing rule-breaking and improving relationships in prison, delivering basic and key skills and developing the prison education system, changing attitudes to offending, building up human and social capital and addressing poor thinking skills and lack of empathy.

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden (Creative Industries Education Coordinator) says “Having seen previous examples of the work by the inmates at the Correctional Facility, I have been very impressed. When I visited the programme and talked to Beth Hill and the participants, we developed this exhibition idea. The key is the thought of Limits to life and our creative activities and the collaboration and extension of the art made as a part of this experiment in crossing boundaries and extending ideas for art practice for both students, inmates and professional, well established artists. We are very excited to see what the results will be”.
Beth Hill (Art Tutor – Redemption Arts & Education Services, Northland Correctional Facility) commented “ This is an exciting opportunity for all of us and opens conversations about artistic practice in Corrections and Northland. Our team here at NRCF are looking forward to the response to our works“.

Alongside the exhibition will be a series of events and talks, check our Facebook page contact the gallery for details.

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