Academic Calendar

The NorthTec Academic Calendar is published annually, and contains information about the regulations and requirements for the qualifications offered by NorthTec.

Sections include:

  • NorthTec and its campuses

  • The Council, Committees, Boards and Governance Policy

  • Academic Statute, Northland Polytechnic Regulations, and policies and regulations relating to students

  • NorthTec's organisational structure, management and programme areas

  • The Programme Guide (information about all qualifications)

  • The NorthTec A to Z Student Information Guide

Students are advised to obtain a copy of the Student Programme Handbook that relates to the specific qualification they plan to study, in order to be informed about any particular requirements that may apply. Enquiries about ID cards, Academic Records, Graduation and fee payments can be made to Registry. Enquiries about any other aspect of services related to students can be directed to Student Support Services.

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Academic Calendar